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Ink [PMV]

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Just by simply seeing these colors, your brain instantly makes the connection to the most memorable thing about your spirit, friendship."
Hey guys! :D
Here's my new PMV : Ink! I've spent around 3 weeks on it, so I hope it's worth the wait. ^^
Also check out my Facebook page if you wanna follow my work : www.facebook.com/Malathrom

Music name : Neil Davidge - Green and Blue - Koan Sound Remix
Support the artist! : https://soundcloud.com/koan-sound/halo-4-green-and-blue-remix
Buy on iTunes: bit.ly/HaloUK / bit.ly/HaloUS
Follow the musical artist!

The video was made in after effect cs5, and I also used photoshop to edit the cutie marks. You can found them here, on my deviant art account if you wanna use them : http://fav.me/d5wt4jy

Thanks to greenscreenponies for the green screen ponies :

DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.mediafire.com/?egil6ivy7oc9ux3

So that's it guys! Like always, I appreciate all your kind comments, thanks for everything :D

See you in a few weeks for another PMV