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VoCo - Vortex Coalition - 'Phase V' Ad

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A lot can happen in four years.

In that amount of time, The Vortex Coalition has grown exponentially; our ingenuity, organizational skills, resources, and influence are rivaled by very few. We have consistently been the largest group on 2b2t for over 3 years, and as it stands, we are the oldest active and most successful group in the history of the server.

Currently, we have over 170 active members across 2b2t and Constantiam. The Phase IV Off-Season was one of, if not the most active Off-Season in VoCo history. Our Staff Team is active, experienced, self-sufficient, and capable of completing any goal they set their mind to.

In short, we are at the top of our game, and we haven't even kicked into high gear yet.

Today, we present to you Phase V: VoCo Eternal

Check out the VoCo Discord's announcements channel for the full Phase V update! - https://joinvo.co/discord

Thanks to The Diamond Voyagers for creating this ad! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP3raO8nAEHcSye3K6UEKeA

#VoCoEternal #VoCoOnTop