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Regrets (By TheDashDub)

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Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?713iuxfsr56r1cv
Donate: http://thedashdub.bandcamp.com/

Hello everyone. This song will be the final song of an EP that will be posted shortly after this. The EP will be a package of all the songs readily available, as well as the song Catch the Wind, which is not available for free download until the animation comes out.

Not exactly sure how I feel about how this song turned out. I guess its up to you guys to judge. Hopefully you guys like it!

Now a little announcement. Recently, pony just isn't interesting me as much as it did before. I'm not sure the reasons, but I've lost that love for the show. Perhaps Season 4 will change that. However, until I regain that love, I may hold off on pony music for a while. Does that mean I am going to completely stop making music on this channel?? HELLZ NO. Making music is a passion of mine, and I will continue on it. Besides, its a small (but distant) dream of mine to make music for video games, and the only way that could be achieved is through continual practice. Does this mean I'm going to abandon all pony and never make pony music again?? Again, HELLZ NO. Without the show, I wouldn't even be making music, so to simply abandon and disregard that section of my life would be to abandon a part of myself. Hopefully you guys can understand where I am coming from and continue to listen and support my music. You guys are truly the best.

Art: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Luna-Wallpaper-355679466