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ReDoin' Doin

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Description YT

my daft punk entries for the amazing HHGregg Collab which you can find here:

it was a huge honor for me to be part of this collab and work with this incredible group of talented creators, i'm proud of each and every single one of you, even the ones that didn't make it in the final cut

little bits of personal thoughts here:

i'd like to thank everyone that was inspired by "doin", my hhgregg ytpmv that i made 6 years ago. i honestly never imagined it would reach that many people while i was making it, it all started mostly as a clever joke i came up with in a boring day where i had nothing else to do. at first all of the attention was very overwhelming, especially for such a short and seemingly effortless video, but i learned to appreciate it a lot, especially the attention i got from people i already followed and admired.
being a part of the ytpmv community for this long makes me feel nostalgic tbh, and i'm always going to try to stay active in it even if i don't have the "reach" i used to back in the day anymore.
i wanted everyone to know that i read all the comments that i get in that video. some of them are very flattering which i really appreciate, if you ever feel like reaching out to me for anything really hit me up in my twitter dms, i like talking to people lol. thanks a lot for all of your remixes and animations and shit
watch the collab