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Epic Pony Fics: Poniez Vizit Teh Earf part 1

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Poniez Visit the earthhh
a bad ass comic writen by Nrgpony

So anyways twilight Sparkle opens the fucking door and is all Like I got my period and spike is all like sweet then the fucking teleporter comes out of nowhere and twilight is all like. Ohhh its a teleporter and spike is like science. It is amazing, so twilight looks inside the portle and says holey shit. Its a portle and spike was like no fucking way and princess celestia is all like, You go do science now so she kicks them into the portal and bam. They fall into a magical place where shit happens then twilight looks around to see her friends having a gay orgy... No just kidding they are standing there being stupid assholes. So Twilight is all like, What the fuck where are we and Rainbow dash is like Im going to find out so her dyke ass goes up into the sky and holy shit an airplane. Rainbowdash gets sucked into the engine and she dies. end of story for her and pinkie pie is all like nooooo how will I know if I am a lesbian or not and applejack is all like shitt so twilight used her magic and did a spell the spell said you are on earth and twilight is all like oh were on Earth, then twilights all like we need to split up so they did. for science.

Or atleast they tought they did because they all meraculously met up with each other within 5 minutes of walking in different directions, Fuck logic this is a pony fic. Then holy fuck Rainbow dash comes back from the sky and everyones like I thought you died and rainbowdash is all like, Hell yeah bitches I never die because im just that bad ass, Twilight wanted to ask how she revived herself but again this is a pony fic so logic just doesnt exist. So they set off on a magical journey on this shitty plannet known as Earth

but what about the aliens???
Fuck those aliens there not in this story

Then, fucking commard shephard came up and he's all like, we need to stop the convenant from taking pandora and enslaving all the skag, rarity is all like Suck mah cunt and Kicks commander shephard back to the deathstar

Bananas are amazing

Then Twilight magically makes a cellphone because, she can fucking do that apperently and she calls Celestia and Celestia answers and twilight is all like What Does the Master Wish of Us. And Celestias all like you must Stop discord from doing evil shit and Twilight like yes master and Celestias like Like always bitch.

Then sudenly. A loud thud was heard. A thud familiar to that of godzilla, minus the aisan people. The mane 6 turn around and HOLY FUCK! ITS DISCORD! End of chapter one. Yes, Im ending this video here, right here. Peace mah niggaz!