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Fighting is Magic: Aurora - Facelift WIP, New Gilda Splash Text And More...

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We've been revising some assets in the game so they look closer to QA Build+. Download the current version here: https://fightingismagic.com/

Changes in this version so far:
1. Added new Gilda splash text.
2. Facelift to UI with new text more closely matching QA Build+.
3. Re-added D Flat Minor's Character Select Theme as a random option in character select.
4. Fixed a bug where Gilda's pushblock would show a silouette of Applejack.
5. Fixed a bug where Trixie's 5A attack could not be blocked.
6. Fixed a bug where Gilda's end of round sounds would cut all other sounds out.

Rainbow Dash, Trixie and Fluttershy were made using open source assets by the TE 16333 developer as referenced here: https://cdn.windowslogic.co.uk/images/hm3u73h2.png

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