HACKD - Blood In The Water [24 Hours Of Pain]

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DOWNLOAD: https://swaffelcore.bandcamp.com/album/24-hours-of-pain-old-into-new

official sample pack + backstory: http://hackdlife.tumblr.com/post/113373712447/hackds-blood-in-the-water-vocal-sample-pack

Twenty-four hours to produce two tracks. Neither an easy nor stress-less task, but we survived. I went into the challenge with two general prompts: Make an upbeat frenchcore tune sampling a letsplay session I used to have up on this channel of me playing Outlast and some noise trap kind of song.

If I recall I got most of this done in eleven hours and then almost mentally caved when I realized I had to do the whole thing over again with a second track. Raw.

The titlecard art is just a screen from the game, which looks way too intense for how goofy the track is but whatever as much as I'd love to draw something silly I'd rather focus on other things and just get this uploaded. RIP Spaghetti Steve.

BPM: 186



Video by HACKD

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