Loading Equestria | Pmv


Happy Halloween :)

Listen to the full song : https://youtu.be/wCfdHvFVxC4

So,After Unicorn pmv,Pegasus pmv here Loading Equestria ;)
It took me 2 week of work on it,i really liked this Dubstep - Electro song by LavaLectrode, Its just Amazing,you should check his channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/WubWubAppleJack
The visual part is made with Adobe After Effects

Pmv today post :
If only it were that easy, just type in a command and all of Equestria is at your fingertips! In this case, you also get a healthy dose of wubs when you load up this PMV. I love when a video is done through the perspective of an external entity, in this case a computer screen or a video camera. There's also plenty of cool animations to keep your eyes busy while you enjoy the music. It kinda makes you wonder, is there some place in the universe where a bunch of ponies are sitting at home watching videos of humans?

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