Touch Filly, Get Silly 2012 [Sinisterrrrr Re-Mix PonyDub]


This is a Pony Dub of renard's brilliant remix, called "Sinisterrrrrr (stupid VIP shit)"
Also a reupload, but with new audio mastering and some other visuals elements.
Tracks include "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy" from "Super Mario World 2" "Yoshi's Island"
and "Sand Canyon" from "Kirby's Dreamland 3".


My older videos used in this:
Touch Filly, Get Silly:
Ponies Sing Sand Canyon:
Ponies Sing Sand Canyon at the Gala (renard pony dub):

Originals songs:
Renard-Sinisterrrrrr (stupid VIP shit):
Kirby's Dreamland 3 - Sand Canyon:
SMW2 - Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy:

Gameplay by: