HACKD (formerly) Unreleased Track Pack!

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Ten previously unreleased tunes composed between 2014-2015 that I've featured in various DJ mixes over the last several years. You can download all of them via the MP3 pack, or if you want more, the complete pack will provide both MP3 and WAV versions of each track as well as some select WIPs that I don't plan to finish plus a bonus DJ mix (from Party2012).

Downloads are linked below, however I also want to call attention to several other tracks I've released over the last year that aren't available on this channel:

King Julien Sound System & sc​.​Dave! - They Be Like (feat. HACKD) https://swaffelcore.bandcamp.com/track/they-be-like-feat-hackd
HACKD - The End Is Neigh https://pinkamenaparty.bandcamp.com/track/the-end-is-neigh
HACKD - Sunshine Like Marmalade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjFwHM5TNMY


MP3 Track Pack: https://mega.nz/#!cwFihbjQ!Zms-3iZPaJTFlYP6S9VBQGhOjZaLBarAiKjFNWXrIXg
Complete Pack: https://mega.nz/#!Ep93ASJL!cWn3M-SftnF32LGPT-OlUwZlkoj5p1m1slPWoO10ZaM

HACKD - All Day Everyday
HACKD - Back Alley Bootleg
HACKD - Bottoms Up!
HACKD - Fealty To The Night VIP
HACKD - Hard Cider VIP
HACKD - Kill Em Wit Da Hype VIP
HACKD vs RKIT - Maverick (rework)
RKIT - Lights Out! (HACKD Remix)
RKIT - Sugar & Spice
Seventh Element - It's A Rock (HACKD Remix)

What is all this?
Basically a collection of tracks that never reached their "finished" state, either because they were only intended to supplement my DJ sets or I lost interest and/or the project files. Most of these are just a single drop, since that's all you really need to DJ with. I've included commentary for each track in the download.

It's all from 2014-2015? Why so late with the upload?
Up until I lost the project files in the summer of 2015, I had planned to include some of these in a formal album release. But after I lost the files and after my disillusionment with the pony DJ scene, I burned out pretty hard for the rest of the year (and turned instead to focus on illustration/animation). And then I spent most all of 2016 with my time being thoroughly occupied by HMH and Cider Party.

So what now?
Looking back, my former approach was pretty simple: make a hardcore tune and throw in funny samples. But around the start of my hiatus in winter 2015, I began to feel the need to radically evolve my style as well as the desire to make what I perceive as more meaningful music. The morality that resides in the heart of MLP:FiM has remained the foundation of my interest in the show for the last six plus years and I want to make songs that reflect and explore those morals and lessons. But that effectively demands that there be lyrics and I'm terrible at writing lyrics. Add in my indecisiveness regarding style and it becomes very easy for me to over-complicate things and continually run into dead ends until I lose interest in a track. I've cooked up and burned through a lot of ideas in the last couple years, but I think what's left is two album concepts that remain viable enough that I might actually finish them. The first is Command Error In Pony which is basically more of what I've been known for in the past and will mostly be former Pinkamena Party submissions (All I Want, The End Is Neigh, etc) plus a couple new tracks in the same nature. The second is Spit Yo Bit! which would feature a small selection of choice crossbreed tracks that I've been stockpiling over the last couple years. The tracks were originally going to be Project Horizon tunes, but I've since lost interest in that and would rather cast them as episode responses. Think like a whole EP of Vendettas. Anyways, it's been a while since I've worked on anything even though I've actually had some free time recently. In the immediate present I need to crack down again on my ongoing job hunt that has haunted me most of this year, but then I have all the time I should need to either throw myself at either finishing one of the EPs or honestly darling 3.

Shouts out if you read any of that haha. As always, keep it radical, and if you want to keep up with me outside of these video uploads, I'm pretty active on twitter. Also I wrote a short fanfic that's been well-received if you want to check that out on my fimfic profile linked below. Cheers.




Video by HACKD

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