Brony of Fortune- DiZ-037 feat IBeABronyRapper



DiZ came to me with a collab idea I enjoyed the beat and had some fun with it! also definitely check out some more of his things that'll be in the link provided ;)

Aforementioned Link

Instrumental credit goes to this gai

and lyrics =3

[Verse 1] (00:14)- DiZ

Back on the airway, making a pass
DiZ-037, still keeping my class
Still soaring up, still next to last,
Still knocking them out like a server crash,
Getting intense when I enter the room,
Going 24/7, like a Living Tomb,
Heat blazing, Glazed on the surface as I rise,
Rhyme Flowing, keep on going like it's Atomized
Next in line on the microphone
I Bring no Lulz, I'm just solid stone,
Not planting H8_Seeds, never bringing out the pain
Yeah, I bring it down gently like the Forest Rain
This Pony's won, you can measure it in dB,
I Be A Brony Rapper so it won't be hard to see me,
A Prince of Whatever, and whatever in kind
And I know you'll hear me like I'm yelling at a domestic feline,
When I say

[Hook or something] (00:43)- DiZ

Ain't no story
I'm the Brony of Fortune
Got no worries
I'm the Brony of Fortune
Doing what's right
And I'm igniting the torch and
I'm letting out my light
I'm the Brony of Fortune

Ain't here for cash or fame
I'm only present just to play my game,
It's been too long, so I'll say my name,
I'm the Brony of Fortune, but it's all the same

I'm the Brony of Fortune
I'm the Brony of Fortune
I'm the Brony of Fortune
Taking my stand, I'm the Brony of Fortune
Yeah, I'm the Brony of Fortune
Who am I, I'm the Brony Fortune
You can see it in my eyes, that I'm here for the prize

[Verse 2] (01:10)- DiZ

Dashing down the middle
Eyes straight ahead come
Tell me that I'm ill or
Need some help,
Or to restrain myself
Come and get a doctor,
He'll tell me that I'm well I'll
Test his patience,
He tested all his patients,
Never saw a single stronger
Case of motivation,
Said It's just determination,
Can't determine if it's natural
Or natural mutation

[Verse 3] (01:24)- DiZ
In case you can't tell,
I've got this fondness,
For getting the musicians
Working with me on this
Combining our strength
Like I'm dropping Honest,
I'm gonna lift the curtains
Share the fame beyond this.
I want to take the spotlight
And break it from it's chains,
I want to take the empty crowd
And flip it, make it change,
I want to take my talent
And turn it into fame
Shake these reigns, take the pain,
And break my restraints

[Verse 4] (01:38-02:05)- Ibe
started kinnda soft and slow be honest
never one to stop till I accomplish
what I set to do it's improve your mood
whether it's dance and groove or level with you

I'm always kinnda ventin dispensin emotion
in a roller coaster I call my brain
sorrow and pain has left the station
when I jump on stage I break Limitations

imitations fake with innovative fate
demonstrate the weapons in an arsenal
not a rap god cause I'm no Marshall
I'm just partial mind like water

I adapt and change like I'm Marshall Law
I break the chains like a devil gene
shot for the moon team rocket's gleam
now let the vinyl spin for the final scene

[Hook abridged] (02:05)- DiZ

[Verse 5] (02:18)- DiZ

Limited edition duo spittin better listen,
IbeaBronyRapper, not a Concept to be missin
And DiZ-037, we coordinate the mission
Switching up the flow of things, Ibe, take up the position


(02:26)- Ibe
finish the foes but never diminish
the flow let go you go 0 for 2
but know never over till the fat lady sings
hell bringing a track it's a surprise attack

[Verse 6] (02:32)- Ibe
from tartarus it's king is back
never gonna stop an anonymous bomb
Con's the don and I'm never gonna stop
till the break of dawn till Ibe gone

(02:40)- DiZ

Gone, is what I'm never gonna be
I put my soul into my song, I still remain a memory
I put the toll upon the trend to send again what you might see is
Record bending,
in the end, my words are all I'll ever be

Listen to me

[Outro] (2:45)

and my job here is done =3