Lights (Extended Mix) Aviators Feat Feather & Ibeabronyrapper


OKAY so this was originally a one shot cover rap I did for my now Ex GF but aviators loved it and he added my verses into the song and created this extended mix it's available on his newest album "From All Sides" which I highly recommend you go a pick up! also AVIATORS SEMPAI TEACH ME HOW TO GET DAT MASTERING

From All Sides:



I've been watching you stumble
Through the darkest night
Let me tell you
It's gonna be alright
I can see you've been trying but
Your wings got clipped
Been waiting in line but
Your turn got skipped

I'll be there when you need me
I'll be there when you call
Yeah I'll be there to catch you when you fall
Know that I'll never leave you
Out here on your own
I'll be the lights that guide you home

Been a long time coming
Feelings for you
My hearts been skippin' a beat
Maybe two
Right now you're weak but
But you'll be strong
I know where there's a place
That you belong

I don't know if you want me
Or if you care
But even if you don't I'll be there
'Cuz when I'm beside you
My soul burns bright
Let me be the one
Let me be your light

I've come to realize feelings I had set aside
Building up so deep inside I see it in your gentle eyes
tummys gettin butterflies bringing out another side
givin me a calmer mind I've fallin outta darker sides

prayin that you fully see now i can be truely me
but really who is me? no one that I'm foolin, see?
hold you close hold you tight be there on the coldest nights
guided by the open lights lucky? Did I roll the dice?

Distance doesn't matter I'd rather fight the battle
nothing adolescent you're sensin that i'm present
I'm gifted by your presence no more second guessin
guess that i'm confessin that i know you are a blessin

Melody to the tracks and the chorus to the raps
heart is tellin me in fact it's happy where it's at
destiny intertwined rewind to find out
that our minds are complete like the lyrics to this beat

Now I know you've had problems
We could solve 'em
We could make it through
Tried and true
We could fight 'em off, all of 'em
We could make it through a brighter day, anyway
Gettin' by another way
So I guess I'm trying to say
I wanna be the lights guiding you through the night
When things get dark, when you don't know what's right
I wanna hold your hand, and tell you that you can
So don't worry, it's gonna be alright