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TeiThePony - When The Party Is Over

Description YT

I was asked to do something small for the Summer Sun Celebration and so I did! Here is a small teaser of what's to come! Also Cya @ buck!

On the other news.

This song was inspired by the pink pony we all love, but then I started to think. Eve though I hate to admit it, I am kinda Pinkie Pie when it comes to hanging out with friends.

You know that guy who sacrifices his or her own dignity just the sake to keep you and your friends happy. The same person whose job is to keep you all guys smiling, with no pennies spared.

I am that guy and I like it. I love when people around me smile and are happy, but something inside of me is still a miss.

How many times you have said "Thank you" to this person in your group. How many times you said "Thanks for tonight, without you, it would had been boring." From personal experience. The so called "clown" may look though and ok on the inside, but still seeks for the acknowledgement of others.

Say thank you to them once a while, don't take people like that as granted, they will move a mountain for you, just to keep you smiling.

So thank you all who make me feel happy.

Thank you!