Manehattan Smile


I wrote this song as Applejack when she first arrives in Manehattan. Everything is new and she has the world ahead of her. Hope you like it!!


Bags are packed. Im ready
To make my own way
The sunrise in the distance
Lights up my trail
The gravel underneath my hooves
Will keep me going strong
Its about time I lived my life all on my own

Your manehattan smile
Im thinking I might stay here a little while
Your manehattan smile
The streetlights will guide me every mile

Prim and proper posture
Gotta be mature
Nothing says youre fancy
Like a taste for haute couture
The amber glow of the sidewalks
Lining the streets with gold
I could see myself here when I get old

Everything about this place
Is everything I wanted it to be
But everything about this place
Is missing my family

Im thinking ill just park myself in this chair
And never leave till the cows come home.