Photoshop Diablo 3 Speed Edit [wallpaper]


Here's the final version with 'Diablo' written :

Music : Brave New World - Ghostlines

If you want your own wallpaper with your name instead of Belka or Diablo, just send me a message on my Youtube account or just ask me in the comments.

! Download the psd here ! (needs photoshop to work)

So you can edit yourself, you'll need the font called 'blade' for it to work properly.
If you have trouble editing it, here how it goes :
1-first change the text from the layer 'pinkie pie' to what you want, be sure you have downloaded the blade font before.
2-then select the layer above this one and delete the mask (it must be the black rectangle) just right click on it and : 'delete layer mask'.
3-ctrl +click on your text layer, a selection around the text should appear. Then select the layer above it, and in the bottom right click on the icon that says 'Add layer mask'.
4-Now the texture should cover ONLY THE TEXT.

If it doesn't work or if you have questions, ask me via message or comment on my channel.

For Orville :
For Abdul Matin :
For Dakota :
For Magnus :
For Chris :
For Solid :
For Jet Lag :
For DoomZealot :