Luna's Apology Ft Skelius


EqD!! WHOAH!!! Thank you!

So, this song has been in the making since I joined the fandom earlier this year, AND IT'S FINALLY DONE!!! Big thank you to Skelius for helping me pull it together and for the awesome synths!!

This song is meant to be Luna's apology to Celestia after her stay on the moon. I was thinking about how, whenever I am sad, all I want to do is listen to sad songs which only made me feel worse. So I wanted this song to be sad enough to relate to on a bad day, but happy enough to pick you right back up! Hopefully I nailed it.


Been a long time since I saw your face and I'm
Wondering why you left me out here
I know that you needed me to change but
It's not enough to say you're sorry now

Been a long time since I walked these dirt roads
It all looks the same but all is different
Of who I have been, it's up to them to let go
It's not enough to say I'm sorry now.

I'm sitting on the moon
Watching the world spin away.
Everything's different. Theres nothing I can change.
It's up to you, it's up to me to let it go.
This lifeless rock
Not a soul to understand
Nothing you can do, not a single reprimand
It's up to you, it's up to me to let it go.

I didn't mean to become this monster
I swear it's the truth, I just lost control
All I can do is be a better mare
And hope in the end its enough to pay my toll.

The hardest part is coming back
With history held above my head.

Sister I swear that part of me
Was buried alive, a lock and no key
And I pinkie pie swear
I'm no longer that mare.



Artwork by RegolithX

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