TRUST IN ME, CHILD. Original Song. Project Choices


This is our first original song, and it wouldn't been possible if it wasn't for a team of wonderful people who helped us.
Thank you Chichi AI, for helping us compose it, Weimtime LLC team, for providing the instrumentals, REV, with your incredible vocals and Blake Swift, who put up with e for hours to edit the audio AND Persian Poetress for helping me revise the lyrics.

Weim LLC
Chichi's Channel
Blake Swift

Of course I want to thank each and every one of the patrons who helped us as much as they could. Without you, this would never have happened. You made two old cartoonists very, very happy. :)

Any help to complete CHOICES will be more than welcome in our Patreon.

You want to change the events ahead
for you dread what you've just seen through the glass...

so if you pay the price
and you make a deal with me.

The day she takes her final breath
will never come to pass..

You can trust in me
I'm not as bad, as you've been told
You'll find I'm rather fair
to save your sister,
you need to sign the scroll

I understand you have your reservations
not knowing what I'll ask from you
it's reason to think twice
but I give you my word,
you both will be safe and sound
although you'll soon learn
magic never comes without a price...

You can trust in me
I'm not as bad, as you recall
You'll find I'm quite sincere
To change your future
you have to risk it all