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Redemption (By TheDashDub)

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Mediafire Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nda1lyws6x07y6s
Donate: http://thedashdub.bandcamp.com/
Art: http://noben.deviantart.com/art/Midnight-in-Canterlot-279840440

Hey Everyone! It seems I'm continuing my long period with out a Scoots Dash song for a bit longer. First off, I tried a little bit of a new style with this song. Using violins as a main instrument was a new thing with me, since most of my songs are piano based. Overall I was happy with the result, however i do believe there are still a few things that I can improve on. Coming Up I have alot I'm going to be doing, including collaborations, projects, as well as Real life things like going to college. Anyway, enough about myself, Enjoy!

Feel free to submit to EQD if you want. :3