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Coconeru - The Doctor's Lullaby Vocal Cover

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Description YT

A vocal cover I did of the Doctor's Lullaby (Written by Squeak, composed by QDbrony) from the Doctor Whooves Adventure short "Goodnight, Goodnight". Right after the livestream I was just like well this is too cute and the chords amg, Have to sing it, so I did.

Go listen to Doctor Whooves Adventure short here!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=audTxVztz-c
and other Doctor Whooves Adventure episodes here!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/SqueakAnon/videos

Also the awesome cute artwork is done once again by Kanashiipanda go give him your love


There, little bird, in the orange sky
Over the silver peaks, so high
Oh where do you wander? Where do you roam?
And when, will you, come home?
Oh when, will you, come home?

Oh little bird, where will, you fly?
Above the world, as time passes by?
Can't I come with you? Can't you just stay?
Or, doesn't work that way?
Or, doesn't work that way?

Oh little bird, you're far away.
Perhaps somewhere's night, or else, its day
So I shall stay here, and I shall not mourn
And hope for the day, you'll return.
And hope for the day you'll return.