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BongEatBong - Kami To My Blue

Description YT

First attempt at writing something slower and more intimate. Samples are from the 1996 film Joe's Apartment. Nothing is monetized and this is fair use.

Put in the time but I never got your heart
Realize now never knew what you want
Tried to be the best, tried to play my part
Used to buy you jewelry and things to flaunt
Try to sleep my days away, close out my thoughts
Knowing there’s another man in my spot
Try to drown the pain with shot after shot
Now I see your love was really just bought
All that time wasted
Could have done so much in the months we dated
Now I’m just missing you
You’re the Kami to my Blue, and I love you
Traps ain’t gay, that’s a fact
But I’d never fuck another trap
if I could have you back

Never asked for your pity but I crave it
Running round telling lies like your name Fit
Every morning the first thing on mind
Is wishing you were still mine
Try to hide my feelings and I get high
Hold it together another day and get by
And if I never see you again
Then it’s fuck you then