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Notorious BIG "Warning" Parody -- Wiseguy Warning

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Here is a new Biggie Smalls parody I made set in 1920's gangster slang. The footage for the video comes from episodes of Dick Tracy, Gang Busters and Martin Kane. Feel free to look up any of the words online - there are plenty of websites dedicated to mobster slang.

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I make these just for fun - I'm a huge Notorious B.I.G. fan and I love the imagery he uses in his lyrics. Hope you like it too - peace!

Wiseguy Warning

who the bunk is this?
blower ring at 5:46
in the morning, on the horn and java pourin'
wipe the sleep off my cheaters
see what gink's peaching me and my heaters

its my stoolie wheezy from the speakeasy
told me he was in the downtown scatter
and ranked the barbering chatter

that grifters wanna clip me like a rube in a jumble
pipe down, darb, be cool - spill the rumble

Remember them suckers from the south by the flophouse that you dipped bills with, bull sessioned, gin milled with
Yeah, my trigger man from the state can, nah they're my greasers nah, bo's not a finger man

I didn't say them, they chinned and jawed on gangsters that you knew from back then
when you were farming baby cabbage
Now they know you have the bees of right gees, and they want stick you in the wagon of stiff meats

So thank sleuth for warning me cuz now i'm warning you i've got the roscoe tell me who you wanna scoop

Damn, Coppers wanna rub me for my rhino
Damn, Mobsters wanna shiv me for my spinach
Damn, Peepers wanna pop me for my pennies
Damn, Hoodlums wanna bump me for my berries

They heard about big clams, and the flimflams when your sister's gams scrammed on the lam
They heard about the juice you got down in caboose and they heard you got half the palookas cut loose

They even heard about the joint you bought your jane near the Cotton Club a shine rub a tub
Pump the metal slug

There's gonna be a lot of slow crooning and bean-shooting if my hatchetmen are gonna start snooping
What you think tommy guns is for?
All purpose Mob got a jake jobbie - do the job
And I'm bootlegging whiskey so they cannot miss me - the gum shoes trying to stitch the county blues

Damn, Droppers wanna drill me for my dough like a cup of joe this duck soup is getting cold
Its the ones that swig hooch with ya, smoke ya reefer, now they want to grab their gats and sock ya kisser

Betcha Bugsy won't chase. I got a submachine hidden clean in a violin case
So I can blast through fedora hats squirting metal at the no good dirty rats
For all on the level cats

Glaum my sugar, hear from my luger. Scram, what i'm a paste you with you rag-a-muffins better jam.
I bring fog, big hogs, and tired dogs up your keister
You're packing heat just like a priest or
teacher - Extra lugs in my reach, uh
So I can throw lead and get bread till I'm chilled dead

I josh around like a boozehound. One slug in your mug, one thug clammed up

Close ya yap, shut ya trap, the more moonshine i lap - the more rat-a-tat
I don't give a damn about thugs or ya weak plugs how ya gonna duck when Big Bruno pops ya club
I won't run out, cheese it to my hideout, hold up, i peep somebody's look-out