TheMovieBrony's Top 10 Pony Videos for June 2011


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Here is the first of what I hope to be an ongoing series in recognizing the best videos to come out of the MLP FiM fandom each month.

If you have more questions, there is an FAQ on my profile, and you can also send me a private message.

Anyways, onto the links!

Bring the Ponies by EvilCanOfSoup:

At the Gala 8 Bit by RainbowCrash88:


MegaMare by SgtScrubNoob:

Heavy's Singing Dispensers: by 2007Excalibur2007:

Life Lessons with Spike Lajoie by Jhaller2:

My Little Wu Tang Clan by Viraus2:

My Little Serenity by BronyVids:

MLP FiM Fanfic by EqAmRd:

What Pinkie's Song Actually Sounded Like by SilkAMV:

Applesheen is Winning by DerpyTwizzle:

The Ultimare Foaldown of Ultimane Despony by BronyMike:

Pony Bebop by Catsuhako: