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BongEatBong - All Love (Throwaway Track)

Description YT

Time to go but I’ve been gone for a long time
I’ve been drinking every day tryna settle my mind
To all the friends that I’ve made, sorry to leave you dry
But when I look in the mirror can barely look in my eyes
Gotta become the best person I can be
Hope that one day if I come back you can see
And I’m sorry for all the drama that I brought
Put negative energy in the world cause my mind’s caught
Up on things that I should have moved on from
Gotta chase my dreams like I chase a blonde mom, son
And I’m living well
Hope everyone I love can stay out of hell
And hell's not a place you go when you die
It’s a state of mind, place you can avoid if you’re high
Elevate yourself, love yourself, and take care
Hope I see you when I get there