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Hearts and Needles

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This is a commission done for my friend Zibby done in the style of Kill La Kill with a little me thrown in! Based off of Harime Nui. It's fun to do these commissions because I get to try all these new styles and ideas people ask for! Also another announcement to make it da da da da da da daaaa! I'm working on a new EP album~ So get ready for that!

PS. Before anyone asks. The character in the artwork is Zibby's humanized OC in Harime's outfit!


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Want a commission like this one? Contact me at Coconerucommission@gmail.com for a quote!

The Commissioner also makes custom plush animals ect if that tickles your fancy! you can find her work here!

The awesome art was done by Kadoge over here shes always so dependable with the art!