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After Effects Tutorial - Cameras & Camera Rigging

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Finally a tutorial, yay! Decided to start off with the most requested topic, which is controlling cameras in After Effects. I've included two ways to do so: a simpler and a more advanced version, just to suit everyone's needs and give new perspectives on the whole program.

Any suggestions on improving future tutorials? Don't hesitate to comment them, I do want to make my tutorials as understandable as possible! Also, if you want to suggest a specific tutorial topic, fill this form and tell me: http://bit.ly/1bs8d9w


Here are all the files for the project:


And here's the expression (also included as a text file in the link above). Remember to include the ";" thingies at the end of each line!

rad = thisComp.layer("Null 4").effect("Radius")("Slider");
ang = thisComp.layer("Null 4").effect("Angle")("Angle");

posx = rad*Math.cos(degreesToRadians(ang));
posz = rad*Math.sin(degreesToRadians(ang));
posy = thisComp.layer("Null 4").effect("Y")("Slider");

[posx,posy,posz] + thisComp.layer("Null 4").transform.position;

NOTE: You obviously might need to reconnect the expression parts in case you're inserting it into your own project and haven't used the exact same names as I did. You can use this and link everything yourself:


posx = rad*Math.cos(degreesToRadians(ang));
posz = rad*Math.sin(degreesToRadians(ang));

[posx,posy,posz] + [INSERT_POSITION_OF_CENTER_NULL];

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