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The Story of Emberz: Coming Soon!

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For about two years now I have been writing a book of my OC pony Emberz. The book now over half complete I decided I should make a little teaser intro video about the book. Yaya I know some stuff I coulda done better but my computer kept freezing up trying to render it so I wasn't about to go back through that again. I'm debating to make an audio book version, depends if I can get some people to help with the voices. I cant voice all the ponies! The books not done so don't expect for me to get back to you the following day. Enjoy. Leave a comment and a like and don't forget to subscribe!
For those interested in voicing for one of the characters in the book just shoot me an email with you saying a couple of lines of anything. A lot of ponies are not canon. But will require voice actors for Luna and Tia as well as the main six. Pretty sure that's it canon wise. Thanks!