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Winnerwell Stove Test

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Testing out the new Winnerwell Titanium Stove and first impressions.
I really can't find anything to complain about. It manages a burn very easily. No tenancies to go out, and can be stoked down real low without much smoke, after a good burn is established. It'll take up to 14 inch long pieces of wood, (a little longer if put in diagonally) and really excels with larger diameter stuff.

With stovebox filled 2/3 full with 2.5" diameter pieces of dry maple over hot coals, results are:
0~1 hour: plenty of heat output
1.5 hours: reaching the end of effective heat output, but plenty of coals
2.0 hours: very good coal bed, easily able to reignite fresh fuel
2.5 hours: enough coal bed to reignite fresh fuel, but probably bare minimum, top cool enough to touch
3.0 hours: coals mostly burned out