The Only One (Feat Megaphoric)


YAY! Another song with Megaphoric!! Isn't she amazing!

Here's my newest song "The Only One." Can you tell its a fluttermac song? I thought so.

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don't be scared my fluttershy
no other words; would you be mine?
i wish i had a way to show
you mean the world to me you know
the calmest of hearts to quell this beast
youre the best thing in my life
my only hope for peace

Stay with me, my solid ground
I feel with you so safe and sound
I wish I had a way to show
You're everything to me, you know
The brightest of stars I ever did see
You're the best thing in my life
I've never been so free

meet me under the apple tree
and tell me that youre right for me
come my dear its plain to see
youre the only one i need
lean in close so quietly
forget the world its you and me
im at a loss for words you see
but your the only one i need

we can watch the sunset fall
let the daylight slip away
lying here next you you
everything will be okay

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