PFM #1: Omnipony


Hello and welcome, to the 1st episode of "Please Feature Me"

These are a side project that I have, in which I take AN artist and feature his music in a short sampler kind of a mix!

And in this episode I feature: "Omnipony"


Artist featured:


WoodenToaster a.k.a. Glaze




1. Omnipony - Time Is Running Out
2. Omnipony - Equestria In Grey
3. Omnipony - The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
4. Omnipony - Return
5. Omnipony - Forever Asleep
6. Omnipony - Dragon Greed (Feat. Rainbow Dash)
7. Omnipony - Clouds
8. TheDumplingz - I Wish I was a Tree (Omnipomny Remix)
9. Wooden Toaster - Rainbow Factory (Omnipony Dubstep Remix)
10. Omnipony - Final Night ~ Nightmare Night