Dodge This-Ibe And Flowny Befriend Vinyl Scratch [1500 sub special]


IT TOOK FOREVER BUT HERE IT IS!! stay tuned within the next few days i'll have an announcement to make =3



Vinyl Scratch

Original Song

All Credit to the original artist (Vinyl Scratch)

Special Thank you to Colortwelve for the mastering

Artwork by twigileia

Artwork also by Cardigan

(Verse 1- Flowny)
Rhyme Specimen I'm pressin Rewind
To a better time, when it was evident Vinyl spendin time

doin due dilligence, music built with intelligence.

'stead of this, Rapin' and Pillagin of our innocence.

This ~Room Elephant~ I am making developments.
And tryna raise the bar by which other rappers are settlin'

It's unsettlin', I am out of my element.
But I am in the middle of lighting it with the filament.


I fill the bulb with the current.
Electricity is emitting out of my words and

in a burst of pony poetic power - I compel you
compare your past performances to path of my venue.

And then you ~ enter a place you've never been to.
And if you don't improve then clearly you never meant to.

You may have ducked the quality before you had to watched this.
But check the ConCept, you will never manage to dodge this.

Verse 2- Ibeabronyrapper

parasprite backlash hear the backtrack
as we attack back a duo track rap
your in a past blast, take the bash back
thats yah last chance, watch a cat dance

I'm this puppetter your watchin in fear
see discord is near and his goal is clear
He'll put you in tears distort what's held dear
You jump to the rear and your vision vears

wrap up the nonsense the constant comments
dominance is ominous upon this progress
hot mess still the best applejack honest
stop this flow hay no can't dodge this

It's like a royal wedding of these two new flows
from two new bros who just let go
turnin up speakers we're leakin ether
Dodge this heat, nah ConCept flow reaper

Wing Power is reaching critical mass
And we sending a funnel of flow, in pummeling past.
Plus the bass blast, carries you into space fast.
You couldn't dodge this verse hope you wearing a face mask.

In a trance dang dance like orangatangs
Beat like a bangarang retract like a boomerang
see lyrical oddness i am spoutin non sense
losing all my concepts, lemme try n dodge this

Duck dive, and juke, manuever backflip
Do whatever you can to dodge this Rap Script.
Haphazard masters, inglorious bastards.
Beyond fantastic - light speed BUT FASTER.

I'm the greatest invader the latest sedator
highest elevator a rap beat violater
lyrical terminator destruction for later
i gotta power greater unmatched like we're darth vader

Keep your eyes on the prize you better WaTCH THIS (flowny)
Challenge Rhyme Flow and Ibeabrony to top This. (ibeabrony)
Goto band camp, download you better cop this. (Flowny)
flows like a flood and DAMS could never stop this. (ibeabrony)
concepts hot and the bass making you drop this (Flowny)
Top these charts these ponies up on the Hot List (ibeabrony)
Not risks, guaranteed wubs, Vinyl you got this
top notch non sense tom says dodge this (Both)