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TeiThePony - Flying With The Rainbow (VIP MIX)

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AAAAAAAAAAND! I'm back from hiatus! Woopdee! And I decided to start with something simple Yet highly effective track! I came up with new sounds while I was away so I needed a track to test them out!

I looked up for a track to play with and then I got a peculiar YouTube message from a peculier set of people. Apparently there was an argument of how many Dashes are on my "Flying With The Rainbow" track... So eventually I had to open it up and check it out and send them a confirmation, same time I started to experiment with the layout of the track and then it hit me... This was the perfect track to test the sounds.

So thanks to http://berrytube.tv/ and it's drunken moderators... this VIP exists! It feels so good to be back! Please be gentle to me D=

Anyway hope you like it!


Total Project Time:
16 Hours 20 Minutes



Composer: TeiThePony


Original art by Hacky:

Download the songcover here:
(Coming Soon)


Typography by TeiThePony:


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Remix Files:




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