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[60fps Test] - [PMV] Ascension (Partially)

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(Note to self: Wow, that's actually REALLY smooth...)

Remember to play it in 720 for the 60fps thing to work!

I decided to try out this hyped 60fps thing by doing what 2007excalibur2007 suggested: re-rendered a part of my PMV in 60 fps. Decided not to render the entire thing, since I didn't want to waste precious render time on this sort of "useless" thing.

As some of you might see, the output render wasn't exactly perfect, there are partial things that seem to have stayed at 30fps, and even an effect which didn't work with 60fps without me tweaking it. In case I do decide to re-render a full PMV in 60fps, I'll need to put some time into going through the project to fix any errors and problems which might occur.