TeiThePony Mixes Archives Dubstep [03]

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As I was looking for tracks for my new upcoming set, I stumbled up on this old set that I have made YEAAAAAAAARS ago, many ears even before the whole TeiThePony shtick and I decided like "Oh well Mind as well and make this a small mix in here as well, it's like a blast from the past." So you can expect few "Archives" mixes as I open up my old pc and see what I have recorded there!

Note. The mixing is badly strong in this one, since back in the day I was far worse than I am now. So please do keep that in mind, also the quality is a bit sucky since I didn't know how to record back then...

I don't even know how to do it now...

I've lost the track list, because I never expected this to be released anywhere, so if you can help me name these tracks! That would be swell!

Cover art by the amazing:


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