StormWolf - Shadow of a Flower (TeiThePony Remix)


MY FIRST EVER TRY TO DO DUBSTEP OK? (TranceStep, what eva!)


One night I was bored and decided to DL Fruity Loops. Last time I used such program was on 2006 so I had 6 years to catch up, so I decided to start with something simple and remix a track.

The basses you hear are all custom made with NI Massive.

Thanks AGAIN for MyLittleVisuals for the hell-of-a-swag visualation!

Song tittle: Storm of a Flower (TeiThePony Remix)
Remixer: TeiThePony
Original Artist: StormWolf

Link to the Original one:

Stormwolf's Youtube page:

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Big thanks for people who helped me alot when I started this song!

Tombstone for the general "WHAT THE FUCK TO DO IN FL" and good quides about mastering!

Also Omnipony for giving names of what VST's I should get!

And PJ for hooking me up with alot of people and the plugins I needed!

I love you all...

No homo...


Download Link:

Alternative Download: