Vsi - Assertiveness (HACKD Remix) [Remix War VIII]

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DOWNLOAD: https://mega.co.nz/#!htkkFB6J!qjE09rxpMJr_4Z8lwX5Zk7k-EHT8Yw4tGnDKEOdjeI0

Hi friends. Ummm... here is the long awaited public release of my Remix War VIII submission that I virtually finished 11 months ago. Since then I bumped up the BPM a little and cleaned up the mix but yeah... my bad. I've been considering tacking on a trap drop for the longest time but I can't find the motivation to follow through.

I'd like to formally dedicate this track to Blueshift as well as everyone else who has pressured me to get my works into a public venue as I have seemingly increased difficulty in doing so.

Shouts out to mylittleremix.com for organizing these events. I think it's evident how little music I put out of my own initiative.

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Art by me.

BPM: 182



Video by HACKD

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