TeiThePony - Lunacy (by NTSTS)

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Hello! Been ages huh?

I decided to finish up this track as a side project to my bigger project, this was supposed to come out in a comp album but I failed to deliver it due to lazyness plus some real life issues that I had.

But regardless I hope you enjoy this one.

The song is deticated to a fanfic that I read a while back called "Lunacy" where Princess luna goes all these stanges to battle her past. Her mental state shifts from side to side which I tried to emulate on this track.

Ps... Youtube has shitty compressing thingy-ma-bobs =/

Pps. Be sure to check out the FanFic here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/787/Lunacy


Total Project Time:
11 hours 30 mins + 5 hours 25 minutes to render the video



Composer & After Effects: TeiThePony


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