The Moon Rises. Animation


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We are delighted to present you "The Moon Rises" a MLP fan animation. This is a fan work and is not associated with Hasbro, DHX Media or any of their affiliates.

Thank you to every single person who helped us to go through this big project. If it wasn't for our collaborators and Patrons, this wouldn't have been possible.

Special Thanks to John Martin Wong and Jan animation for their feedback and good advice.

Music by Dane Larson aka, "Ponyphonic"; It was a pleasure and a honor to work with you.
Original version available here.

Vocals by EileMonty, you can check her channel here

This video, inspired by Ponyphonic's song, depics Luna's descent into what would be known as NMM, spreading her darkness to the world around her, and defying all established power and order.

Translation to Spanish by