TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos for June 2012 - Community Voted


This is late and you should all blame BronyCon for being so awesome that I got worn out and didn't start working on this until days after it ended.


Opening Video
Meet the Pyro:

Credits Song
Smile, Smile, Smile - Arranged for Strings & Percussion:by MusicbyOctavia:

Top Ten Videos

The Brony Song (This Day Aria Rewritten) by RandomEncountersEnt:

My Little Portal Intro by ChristiansCartoons:

[EPRBoE #2] Big Macintosh VS Blueblood by BronyDanceParty/MictheMicrophoneZero:

Derpy Mail by Derpy Hooves:

Children of the Night (Animatic) by Spirittoweb:

Animation - Luna's Cutie Mark by SillyFillyStudios:

Friendship is Witchcraft - "Cherry Bomb" (7) by SherClopPones:

Doctor Whooves and the Assistant episode 2 by Ocarinaplaya:

Party.MOV by HotDiggedyDemon:

PinkieLiscious by ChristKids:

Honorable Mentions

Memories by EzeCoyote:

Ring a Ding Baby! by TommyXE:

Mad Mares by Feedsy: