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Come to Light - PonyFireStone

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Here we have the brand new song that is apart of a collection Album located here. https://ponyfirestone.bandcamp.com/album/the-four-powers
Feel free to support me. This is also going to be used to help get me to bronycan as well. so any bit helps.
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Set in stone I want you to know
the wind has passed into the snow
instead of blurring light
I give you love~~

going far is half the game
and no this isn't all the same
the dark has turn to light
I will clear your heart

calling me I hear the call
I feel the heat it surrounds us all
in light of this, I fight the dark
the love will always live on tonight

come to light~~

after all the snow beings to grow
it builds the base that we see below
together we will clear the wall
and stand up tall with you

cadence find yourself in me
cause now we know that we are free
into the dark that turns to light
and I know it will be alright
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