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y o u w e r e m a d e o f m a t c h e s // 8 months progress, people were struggling to finish their parts but I'm proud of them for finishing it at the end and I'm very glad to share this out to you guys! I hope you do enjoy the work we did together!

Credits:- Thank you guys so much for participating in this collab! LUV YOU ❤
Makenshi179 -
Animerge -
Dr_Stables -
Deltalizer -
Spntax -
Alan Crytex - It's meeeeeee QwQ
KyroCakex -
FazexWeeb -
Jarrodfeng -
Kart -
Purple -
Cloud Bringer -
ZX -
Alekc233 -

Cash Cash & ROZES - Matches

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