Data Science Seminar: Velocity 360: A tour on the 3rd dimension of Big Data

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In recent years, the data landscape has changed. Big data are no longer a vision, and data systems evolve to support the new generation of data-intensive applications. In particular, addressing data velocity is becoming business-critical. Nevertheless, data velocity induces a paradigm that impacts the entire data infrastructure: from data at rest and post-hoc analyses to streaming data and real-time insights. In practice, such a change has consequences on what questions we can answer, the data system design, and how we orchestrate the underlying data systems. This seminar will host three experts in the field to provide three different perspectives on how to tame data velocity.

πŸ“0:00 Introduction by the moderator Riccardo Tommasini (UniTartuCS, Lecturer of Data Management)
πŸ“11:40 Emanuele Della Valle (Politecnico di Milano; Quantia Consulting): Taming velocity: A tale of four streams
πŸ“39:55 Matteo Ferroni (Bottega52): Fight data gravity with event-driven architectures
πŸ“1:05:36 NiccolΓ² Raspa (SIGHUP): Accelerating data science with MLOps and cloud native technologies
πŸ“1:31:48 Panel discussion

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