Trixie's Song



This is just a song a wrote about The Great and Powerful Trixie. Hope you like it!
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It's a long road ahead in the cold, dark night.
The rain is pouring down, doing all that you can,
to keep dry
Your hat and your cape.
But its not enough you need another escape. its all
Quicksand everywhere that you turn.
you leave another town, clean your hooves of the dirt.
It's you last chance to brush off the dirt.
Don't let the past drag you down cause now its your turn, so

Trixie, you gotta make your mark
You gotta do your best.
Let them know who you are
Trixie, if only you could see,
The magic in your eyes has left your name up, shimmering.

The lights fade down to a single glow.
All eyes on you, they know they're in for a show.
So think fast. And try not to boast.
You know all to well thats not the road that you want to take now.
You'll make history.
With your name in headlines, everypony will be chanting:


The Great and Powerful Trixie knows no bounds.
Livin' life large, on the road from town to town, but
Don't forget that when your up,
You're not quite the best
there's still room to rise up so.


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