Run Away. Original song, Choices


Run Away, sung by young Tia, with vocals provided by EileMonty, for the Choices project.

The young princess just become off age, and life in Unicornia is not all she ever imagined it would be. Tempted by rather carefree Discord, she decides to spread her wings and find her place in the world.

In the plot of Choices Tia would have to come back eventually and face her past challenges, just like Simba did in the LIon kIng.

This is my favorite song from the whole project,I hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

NOte: I would like to clarify that "Run away" is a song about abandoning the nest as you become an adult, eventually coming to the conclusion that you have to face your own problems.

It is not an advocacy for anyone to Run away from anything, specially from home, THAT IS A BAD IDEA. Plus the original project had a reprise called "I will stay" where Tia makes up her mind and faces her challenges.

You can get the song from EileMonty

If you wish for the instrumental, you can go check our composer's channel, Spiral Harmonies!