TeiThePony & EHT - I Will Move On (Starswirls Legacy)



Sometimes in artist life comes a point where you just don't want to release a track, either it's shit or the stuff you previously saw good have shifted dramatically. So is the case here. I was working on this remix for ages now and then Exploding Heart Technique lost his original piece and this became the original project... But this happened during my hiatus... And after that All my stuff had changed... all of it... From the Mastering to song progression, yet I had this ready for months now... If I would had wanted to change this track to a sound that pleaces me... I would had to completelly re do everything I've done so far... But I knew I wanted to release this at somepoint... anyway here you have it... I am a hypocrite. Always on my streams I say "Never release a product which you are not happy about." And I just prove myself that... I'm sorry. Not my best work Personally I would give this a 2/5 on my current standards.

Story is about Starswirl becoming more than just flesh and bones... His drive to be come a legend spoken centuries after his death. And he did!


Total Project Time:
9 Hours 24 Minutes



Composer: TeiThePony & Exploding Heart Technique


Original art by HaloReplicas:


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Remix Files:
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