Bullet Train | PMV


This video took me a month of work,i hope its worth ;)
So a Pmv that i'm really proud of it. it took me a month of work and i had internet problems v;
However,this Pmv focus on Rainbow Dash as alway filled with some dubstep.
Ultra hd ready also ;)
Thank you soo much for 1000 subscribers it really help me out !
Next video is a pmv for you,my subscribers,that's insane..1000 people following me :D

Song is Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora) https://youtu.be/2QKARCPO3sA

Pmv today :
Great. Now that chorus is stuck in my head again -_-

We've seen a couple of PMVs using this song and they've turned out pretty fantastic, but this one has some awesome custom animation to add to the scene. It's pretty good custom stuff too, and to be honest, I think the editor is better at working with those geometric shapes than with non-custom pieces.

One criticism I might have had would be the all too recognizable camera movement, but Tisteve seems to really try to limit the use of the effect (as one should). It isn't too dangerously prevalent and when it takes center stage there is so much else to focus on that it almost gets overlooked. Way to go with the scene building dude!