Choices. First Flight, Original song


This is our second original song, and again, this is only possible thanks to the help of a wonderful team.
Thank you Chichi AI, for helping us compose it, KC.Guzman, for providing the instrumentals, Megaphoric!, for your gorgeous voice and Blake Swift, who put up with e for hours to edit the audio AND Persian Poetress! for helping me revise the lyrics.

Instrumental available on KC Guzman Bandcamp:

Chichi's Channel

Blake Swift

Of course I want to thank each and every one of the patrons who helped us as much as they could. Without you, there's no way we can do this. You all make two old cartoonists very, very happy. :)



There's a talent to each kind
when we own it, we belong
The Unicorns cast magic spells
with Earth Ponies proud and strong.

but you and I are Pegasi
our home is in the sky
Today’s the day you're taking off
so spread your wings and fly!
so spread your wings and fly!

The trick is to have courage
Just gulp and breathe in deep
don't let your fears take hold of you
go on and take the leap

You'll feel your doubts abandon you
As you dash through the air
Just trust your wings to carry you
and you'll be fine, I swear
and you'll be fine, I swear

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