HACKD - Fealty To The Night [Rainbow & Rooted: One Last Shot]


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Here's a silly track that was actually featured on the new follow up album to R&R. I hope some of you have learned to not take me too seriously, yes I know the vox are incredibly cheesy.

Be sure to get the rest of the album, there's a lot of great artists and tracks on there! Also, consider this a heart felt plea to the musician community to remember what it's like to work together and appreciate the diversity of style that we all bring to the table. No more name calling. Maybe a little more tact on everyone's end.

BPM: 250

As the rest of the world relinquishes its ambitions to sleep, there are those of us who rise. Hearts alive with the fire of the forever watching stars. Those burning way-points painted across the celestial canvas of our goddess, a cosmic map that feeds our dreams with direction so that we may continue our journey, anchored in unity, to forge a world, not tarnished by the faults of the past or grievances of what could be, but a world founded by the realized potential of a community of architects working in collaboration in pursuit of mutual progress. Though we each sing our own song, our shared aspirations join us in chorus as we stand, united, to pledge our fealty to the night.

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art sources
vector: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Luna-Vector-326866304
photo: http://www.stepbystep.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Difference-between-Atmosphere-and-Space1.jpg

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