Applebloom's Song (War on the Radio)


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So, this song is meant to represent how much Apple Bloom is loves having friends like the CMC and essentially, how important friends can be when you're down.

Hope you like it!!


Everyone knows that I'm my worst critic
It's so hard to please this small town cynic.
I know, that I can't shut it out.

These crusades got me bearin' down
On the one thing that I haven't found
This sense of self is something I can't work out on my own.

Yeah, well Who am I? now, Who am I?
I'm nothing if I ain't your friend.
Who am I? Who am I?
I'm nothing if I ain't your friend.
Who am I? Who am I?
I'll be there 'til the very end.
And nothing can stop us now,
Not even the sound of war on the radio.

I tried and tried and tried again
to find out what makes me better than,
these fillies that are laughing at me in class.

The list goes on of every feat
we failed at trying to feel the heat
of their eyes on our newly emblazoned flanks.

And I swear I'll never let you down.
And I'll do my best to keep away your frowns.
Soon enough, I know it yet,
The time will come when we will get,
Our place amongst the crowd.

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