"It'll Be Ok" Instrumental Piano Trio


Here is a piano trio instrumental of the song "It'll Be Ok" from the series "Friendship is Witchcraft". Hope you enjoy!

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The “Friendship Is Witchcraft” Series is by SherclopPones. NOT ME!

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Old: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPwpSXFwldpelcVfGXEgZrw

I gave you my heart and then you turned around
The secrets that we shared, the moments that you cared
I gave you my heart and then you turned around
We went streaking in the park, skinny dipping after dark

I gave you my heart and then you turned around
Depressing melodies, suppressing fantasies
I gave you my heart and then you turned around

I always wanted my own brother
And then he showed up at our door
I didn't question where he came from
I wasn't lonely anymore
Soon we did everything together
He taught me how to fly a kite
I watched him grow into a stallion
I watched him sleep in bed at night
It's not creepy

But then he signed that record label
A cute quintet of boyish sound
But now that everybody loves him
I'm just a face out in the crowd
I threw myself into my studies
To have the world in my control
I vaporized the competition
Nobody understands me
It's not evil

I gave you my heart and then you turned around
Romantic pony dreams, they never came to be
I gave you my heart and then you turned around
Twilight please make this song end, we're a bunch of floating heads!

Just take it from me, I know you'll come around
Though the law forbids it, this is kismet
Say "I do" and seal our souls together
Voulez-vous, our love will last forever
Since we're not related it'll be ok

So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed

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