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Coconeru (Album) Bow Ties and Turntables EP

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It's finally done! My very first EP album! http://coconeru.bandcamp.com/album/bow-ties-and-turntables-ep

Based on Vinyl and Octavia~ The album is pay what you want but please do support me! It would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for listening :)

0:00 Divided We Stand
3:54 Day Dream
6:20 Desert Sailing
10:38 Maybe I'm Asleep
15:00 Thank You Octav3
18:55 A Tropical Octav3
21:12 And Suddenly Lyra

The Album Art was done by my good friend IrritableGiraffe aka Dreampaw on deviant art you can find her amazing artwork here! http://dreampaw.deviantart.com/